Thank you from all of us at A Brand New You MD

"This is the first laser hair removal I've ever had that was PAIN FREE!! The others I've tried feels like a rubber band being snapped against something very sensitive and this was completely painless. I was mind-blown. The staff is amazing; they're super supportive and guide through whatever process or procedure you're having done. I would highly recommend A Brand New You MD!"

- Carletta 

*Results my vary from person to person*

"If you are considering take your next step in life with A Brand New You MD - GO FOR IT! I highly recommend A Brand New You MD. I have had tremendous success with the Non-Surgical Face Lift and notices results immediately. I feel and look fabulous!! Tessa and Kristy are amazing to work with. Corey, the owner - well you will fall in love with him."


*Results my vary from person to person*

"I could not believe that their laser hair removal procedure was completely painless!  I have been to the other spas (we all know the ones) that say they are "very little to no pain", YEA RIGHT?! No joke, A Brand New You MD machines are filled with magic. There was no burn, stinging, or rubber band popping feeling at all.  Just felt like a cold metal plate rubbing up and down my skin.  The entire staff their is AMAZING and I am so grateful to have heard about them from B93.9."

- Bre

*Results my vary from person to person*

"Absolutely the best experience I’ve ever had. Let me explain. My previous medspa used a laser that was nothing but excruciating pain. I broke down and cried after every appointment. I was second guessing if it was worth it. I ended up wirh extremely sensitive, broken out and inflamed skin and 3 weeks and not much success after 4 sessions. All that plus low self esteem during the downtime. Not anymore. Thankfully I found A Brand New You MD in Raleigh, NC. 

It was completely PAINLESS. I literally feel NOTHING y’all. Like NOTHING AT ALL. There is even a cooling plate to keep the comfort from the hot laser down to almost NOTHING. And I didn’t leave with red, inflamed skin. It actually feels really smooth and soft. I left with a smile on my face and not tears in my eyes anymore. I felt no pain or discomfort at all. I drive 2 hours to get my laser done now. And I do not regret it ONE BIT. It’s totally worth it. 

They are very sweet, caring, and a new facility looking to build their clientele and brand. AND... it’s reasonably priced for SURE. Highly suggest A Brand New You MD."

- David

*Results my vary from person to person*

"I went today for my first Acoustic Lipo treatment and was blown away! Not only was it not painful, but it was a quick procedure with no downtime! I went on my lunch break! From my first treatment, I have already lost 2 inches. The staff is amazing and make you feel so comfortable. The office is warm and inviting and I can't wait to see my final results after a few more treatments!"

- Victoria

*Results my vary from person to person*