Acoustic Lipo Sculpting

When it comes to non-invasive cellulite reduction, body sculpting and/or skin tightening, our experts at A Brand New You MD are determined to help you achieve your desired results with our proven non-surgical Acoustic Lipo treatments.

Body sculpting with the use of Acoustic Lipo incorporates ultrasound cavitation technology and is the ideal way to target problem areas of fat and cellulite for both women and men.


Ultrasound Wave energy vibrates fat cells 20,000 times a second until they burst open releasing intra-cellular fat to be drained by your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system then transports the emulsified fat to be utilized as energy through the body’s natural metabolic functions thus pushing the fat cells out of your body.


  • Target problem areas—hips, stomach, triceps, etc.
  •  Penetrates fat tissue to a depth of about 10 mm
  • Can result in a loss of up to 3 inches in just the first session.*
  • Are non-surgical, which means significantly less risk of infections.
  • Can be completed within one hour.
  • Require no down time or recovery period.

Patients can notice a loss of up to 3 inches almost immediately, and results continue to improve throughout the day.*

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*Results may vary from person to person*